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Séminaire le samedi 27 avril 2019 de 17h00 au mardi 30 avril 2019 à 18h00


During the 2018 NxG Summit, we asked ourselves how to navigate the waves of change. Dealing with and responding to external change is an important ongoing challenge NxGs need to face. This year at the 15th NxG Summit, we will continue to look towards what goes on in our surroundings; however, this time around the focus will be put on how NxGs could drive both internal and external change for greater success and fulfilment. We will explore how NxGs are - and can become - a greater force for good in the society we live in, in our family, our business and in our own lives.

In order to be the driver of change, NxGs need to decide which patterns of the past to discard and which to keep. Like the generations before, our generation needs to shape the world we want to live in. Positive change can come from safeguarding what was good in the past and upholding traditions; but at the same time, it could come from disrupting the old, breaking the rules and embracing the new.

Talking about disruption in the business world is currently en vogue and closely associated with innovative business models and start-up entrepreneurship; but, disruption is but one of the mechanisms that allow us to adapt to an ever-changing world. NxGs ought to be alert and explore the various forces of change, since often they are the ones promoting change within their family businesses.

Change is inevitable: we can either lead it or be led by it. The world around us is transforming at an increasing pace and the question remains how could we be the ones in the driver’s seat as it impacts our personal and professional lives. Specifically, how can family businesses leverage the good of the past and harness the potential of the new?

Brazil is the perfect setting to talk about change, because it is one of a handful of countries that has seen rapid transformations in many areas of life over the past decades. As such, Brazil as a country, her inhabitants and more precisely, her family businesses have simultaneously experienced the good and the bad of changing fast. There can be no better place to contemplate and discuss what is change, how to lead it and what can be done to mitigate negative consequences.

Furthermore, thinking about Brazil brings the festivities of carnival to mind, which symbolise the celebration of leaving behind all that is negative and preparing for resurrection and renewal. In this spirit, we find it inspirational to bring our community together in Brazil for immersing in a rich dialogue about legacy and renewal during the upcoming NxG Summit.

So come join us at the NxG Summit in Brazil to contribute, share your point of view and learn how we can - and will - change the world for the better, and experience the unique perspective of Brazilian NxGs about the world that we and our family businesses live in.


Lieu de l'événement

Récife - Brésil

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